Oh god there’s so much of it, put the lid back on. Please dear god.

Hello! My name is a complicated enquiry to answer! If you’re looking for my published novels, they’re under the pen name Rosalind Wulf. If you’re looking for nonfiction or other works, I tend to use my legal name, Jennifer Black.

If you knew who you were looking for, good job! You found her. I write a lot of things. I independently published a fantasy novel, Faerie Blood & Cold Iron Hounds, in late 2019. Lately I’ve been working on a Sci Fi Horror novel, currently titled You Can’t Sniff the Internet.

I also write short fiction. My short Science Fiction piece Sans Weight was published by Autonomous Press in their anthology Spoon Knife 4: A Neurodivergent Guide to Spacetime, and I also have some fiction and nonfiction pieces published on vocal.media.